Marissa Jenae Johnson is an Activist, Speaker, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and one of the driving forces of change in the  fabric of our society when it comes to Social Justice, Equality, and the uplifting and advancement of the Black Community. She is also a Full time agitator, lifetime lover of Black people and the founder of  The Phoenix Fighter. She co-founded Safety Pin Box. Marissa also has the distinction of having been compared to ISIS in a campaign ad tweeted by Donald Trump himself.


Where can you find Marissa?

Having been featured on The Daily Show, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC, Vice News, NBCBlack, NY Mag, Reveal Investigative Reporting,and various other outlets, Marissa can be found appearing in interviews, writing for publications, out in the streets bringing awareness to the Black Cause, and also growing her current business The Phoenix Fighter that helps allies transform their lives to truly support Black liberation. 

Follow Marissa on @rissaoftheway, and see her writing work HERE. To contact Marissa for media requests or interviews, visit the contact page and fill out the form.


Upcoming Projects

"So You Wanna Be An Ally" - Harper Perennial (2019, TBA)

Marissa's Personal Memoirs on her journey towards the BLM movement (TBA)


Recent Features and Honors

The Root 100 Most Influential African Americans 2017

2017 BlogHer Voices of the Year  Honoree and Keynote for "Impact".

Essence Magazine - #34 in Essence Magazine's "Woke 100 Women". - The Feministing Five: Marissa Johnson

Essence Magazine - #34 in Essence Magazine's "Woke 100 Women".

Safety Pin Box Presents - "Community Conversations - Compensation as Reparations". - The Feministing Five: Marissa Johnson

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